Which type of rice is best for weight loss?

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Which type of rice is best for weight loss?

Which type of rice is best for weight loss?

Rice is among the quintessential foods in many South-East Asian countries, and it forms the backbone of our agrarian society, helping the economy flourish. In India, rice is one of the primary foods, and our day is never complete without having rice at least once. There are a wide variety of dishes made with rice.

From boiled to fried, rice satisfies the needs of every customer. Due to its richness in carbohydrates and glucose and a high glycemic index, people believe that rice consumption makes one gain more weight. But when it comes to weight loss, two things matter the most. The type of rice you eat and the portion size refers to the amount of rice you eat daily.

Brown rice is the most recommended variety of rice for those hoping to lose weight. Rich in dietary fibre, brown rice boosts metabolism and helps in weight management. It also helps to reduce cholesterol level, improve gut health, prevent the risk of stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. It takes a longer time to get cooked, it is not much preferred in typical households, but if you want to manage your weight, brown rice is the best option.

Red rice looks similar to brown rice in colour but is a minimally processed variety. This rice variety gets its rich colour from an antioxidant called anthocyanin which is believed to have properties that can help weight management. Rich in manganese and antioxidants, this variety of rice is highly recommended for diabetics and obesity patients. It is also highly beneficial for those suffering from asthma as it improves oxygen circulation. As it is a powerhouse of soluble and insoluble fibre, eating red rice can keep away one’s hunger pangs for longer hours, thus helping to your weight loss.

Black rice, also known as wild rice, is not famous in India. This unpolished rice variety is a storehouse of folate, zinc, phosphorus, niacin and vitamin B6. It is a natural detoxifier loaded with fibre, which prevents the risk of diabetes and obesity. This variety also helps you to keep your weight in check.

Like every other food, rice also comes with its pros and cons. Proper selection of rice varieties and checking on the amount of consumption helps to maintain weight. Including food rich in proteins, fibres, and vitamins in your diet helps keep you healthy and fit with proper exercises.

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