Our future is in our hands.

Every day, we keep working towards sustaining our legacy of quality and taste, creating the

most-loved rice brand preferred in every household in Kerala.




Embrace a greener

and sustainable way of life.




giving back.

It is all about

It is like the seed put in the soil - the more one sows, the greater
the harvest. We believe in giving back to the environment many
folds than what we take from it.


Our rice is procured from selected farms across South India, and a sophisticated manufacturing process ensures good grain quality.


To cater to different types of consumers and for varied purposes, we have a wide range of rice products on offer.


The company follows strict quality checks and assurances to ensure that every grain of rice is impeccable and filled with goodness.


The staple food of Kerala, rice, is energy-rich, has a high nutritional value and is enriched with essential vitamins.

Food is perhaps the only universal thing that has the power to bring everyone together.

The Keerthi Nirmal Advantage

Keerthi Nirmal has been in rice production for a good 21 years and counting, with a steady rise in market and expansion to larger scales and various product manufacture. Our product’s constant presence in the market shows our quality and trust among customers.

Keerthi Nirmal rice is a constant and familiar presence at homes in Kerala. It is also our privilege to cater to the Indian diaspora abroad who attach the feeling of home with rice and cannot do without it. The brand has branched to an even stronger one from humble beginnings, with its quality and adherence to affordable prices sustaining us among an ever-expanding consumer base.

Keerthi Nirmal rice is proud to state that we are a well known and established brand in Kerala. With quality comes a price. Our products are the best because we sell them at the most affordable prices to be accessible to all.

Our company policy is deep-rooted in bringing the best quality product to our consumers at a reasonable price. We believe that everyone deserves to get the best out of the products that we market, the farmers are satisfied to be paid well for their products, and so are the customers to buy the products at a fair price.

Our customers are our strength, and we have been able to bring smiles to them through our products. The company makes an effort to go back to our customers for feedback and teaches them to improve our outcomes.


Kerala is one of the biggest markets that consume large quantities of rice. We work towards sustaining our legacy of quality and taste to deliver rice to every household in Kerala at the best price.


We believe in ensuring excellent quality of rice to reach each of our customers, and that remains our prime mission. We procure our grains directly from farmers across Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Why Choose Keerthi Nirmal?


We at Keerthi Nirmal are constantly working towards bettering our product and maintaining the highest quality standard for our customers. Our integrated system makes sure to offer rice to your homes, packed with freshness and full of goodness from sourcing to packaging to delivery. Our legacy of quality products is evident from the vast consumer base we cater to currently.

With a very stringent and state of the art quality assurance system in place and quality control being done at each production level, we make sure that each grain comes under the scanner before it reaches your plate. The best grain quality and varieties are selected and transported freshly to our processing facility from sourcing at the fields. Grain size, the ratio of broken grains, moisture content and pH levels are monitored to keep them optimum.

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