Keerthi Nirmal maintains an intimate relationship with the farmers who toil to bring up our products and are always committed to ensuring sustainable rice production. We consider it a privilege and an honour to achieve the global success of this scale, which is enabled by our Consumer’s love.


Mr Johnson Varghese Valukkaran is the founding father of Keerthi Nirmal. Keerthi Nirmal has grown to be among the top rice brands in Kerala by consistent effort and commitment to the trade.


We bring Indian rice varieties to the customers in India and abroad and have a growing customer base which shows our consistent quality and adherence to standards to produce healthy and nutritious rice.


Keerthi Nirmal, the brand name in which Keerthi Agro Mills markets rice, is today the largest selling brand in Kerala and has become a household name. We project a future of bettering our quality and further expanding to newer varieties of grain.


The staff at Keerthi Nirmal work together cohesively towards our goal, creating a positive working atmosphere, and supporting each other, combining individual strengths and enhancing team spirit.


We have partnered up with growth and potential associates to move further up the ladder and reach our goals. Keerthi Nirmal and Chandrika are renowned rice brands produced by Keerthi Agro Mills.

“We, at Keerthi Nirmal, are at work regularly to deliver rice products that are best in quality and nutrient content. With many years of experience in the profession of rice milling, we know the tricks of the trade and ensure that we stay at the top of our game with the latest technology and production processes introduced into our facility from time to time. We have a dedicated staff base that ensures the quality of each product that leaves the factory. I can personally assure you that our products are of the most excellent quality.”

Mr Johnson Varghese
Managing Director, Keerthi Nirmal

Our Purpose

Keerthi Nirmal has always given paramount importance to the quality of our products. This approach has ensured sustained demand for our products. Being a producer of rice, which forms the staple diet of a good majority of people in South India, our efforts are directed towards ensuring the quality and hygienic packaging of our products. We also optimise our varieties to suit the demand and introduce rice varieties like long rice, Basmati rice etc., to satisfy the different taste palettes. We strive to improve and nurture the quality of life of our customers through our products.

Keerthi Nirmal, quality rice.

Producing good quality rice depends on a lot of intrinsic and extrinsic factors. At Keerthi Nirmal, we use specific criteria to restrict the quality and grades of rice. The factors that count into making good rice are the variety, the environment it grows in, the seed quality, the size and uniformity of grain, stickiness, flavor, aroma, etc.

To produce the best in-class rice and allied products, we are equipped with the most modern and technologically advanced machines. The machines ensure that the production line is continually moving smoothly. The paddy is processed with very little or no bruising to the kernel, and the products remain fresh and healthy in the course of their refinement. Quality checks, sample testing at each point, and diligent operators ensure that the best quality products emerge at the end of the line.