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Our Legacy

Keerthi Agro Mills maintains world‐class quality standards throughout its product line. We make sure to procure the best quality paddy and process it using state‐of‐the‐art technology. We have always put thought and effort into nurturing a suitable variety of rice from our early stages. This approach has ensured sustained demand for our products.

To maintain quality and conformity, the company collects the grains directly from the farmers of Kerala, Tamilnadu, and Karnataka, fresh every season. These grains are processed using the most modern technology, keeping the kernel intact and producing quality rice. We value our customers and ensure that all our foods during production, handling, processing, storage, and distribution are safe, wholesome and fit for human consumption, and conform to safety and quality requirements. The goal of our quality control team is to identify and rectify the products or services that do not meet the company’s specified standards of quality.

Keerthi Nirmal Today

We take great pains to keep abreast with the changing technology in the field and implement them to suit and streamline our products, which would benefit our esteemed clients at the end of the line. Another critical feature of our plants is our very stringent quality check measures. We make sure that not a grain of rice leaves our plant without undergoing strict quality checks that have been incorporated deeply into our facility. This, in turn, gives our customers the conviction to believe, 100%, in the quality of all our products.

Today, our workforce is 700 employees strong. A dedicated crew is a strength that cannot be conquered. Our four mills churn out a daily production surpassing 700 tonnes. Keerthi Nirmal and Chandrika rice brands are famous entities produced by Keerthi Agro Mills. We provide 15 different types of rice. We distribute via a network of more than 30000 retail and wholesale shops throughout Kerala in metropolitan areas. More than 180 vehicles operate in this distribution network. Competitive pricing and a secure distribution network form our backbone.