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Infrastructure Facility

As a rice manufacturer Keerthi Nirmal currently possesses a state-of-the-art infrastructure facility to process our grains. The facility is arranged into various units such as manufacturing, quality control, research and development, warehousing, and packaging, to maintain a steady process flow.

The units are equipped with the latest and most sophisticated machines with experienced, specialised staff members to undertake quality production and output. Quality control modules at set intervals conduct various quality checks and assurances right from the procurement stage until the finished products are dispatched.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Providing Community Service

Our growth resonates with that of our community, our workforce and our customers. The company makes continued efforts to improve and cater to the needs of all the entities, farmers, merchants, and the consumer masses involved with us in our journey towards greatness. Philanthropic work is at our core, and we take satisfaction in doing what we can.

Environmental Protection

We believe in giving back to the environment many folds than what we take from it. Our management team has shifted the main focus on some initiatives to reduce energy consumption and emission through investments, technical reconstruction and energy efficiency benchmarking to improve our current overall energy saving, environmental protection and sustainability. We have established energy conservation and emission reduction teams that implement lean management instead of focusing on critical energy conservation and emission reduction indicators.

Public Welfare

We believe it is essential to be a good corporate citizen and aid in developing the backward classes that are part of our society. The company is eager and ready to participate in charitable causes. We also encourage our staff to join hands in volunteer work. Our subsidiaries are also invited to give back to the local communities to build community trust and help regional development.