Get Ponni rice for a table full of feast!

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Get Ponni rice for a table full of feast!

Get Ponni rice for a table full of feast!

We all know ponni rice very well. It is one of the many rice varieties that we cook food with. We can get Ponni rice for a table full of feast! Yes, consider that besides normal rice, Ponni rice also cooks other delicious items. Yes, Ponni rice mostly cooks Tomato rice, Biriyani, Pulao, Ghee rice, etc.

Get yourself a pack of Nirmal Ponni rice and find out what yummy dishes you could serve for the guests!

Flavorsome Biryani

Imagine the sweet aroma of biriyani filling your nose. The name itself makes your mouth all watery. It is one of the main dishes we serve during any feast. Biriyani is one of Malayalee’s favorites. Be it chicken, beef, mutton, or prawns, you could make your favorite biriyani with Nirmal’s Ponni rice.

Appetizing Pulao

People mainly consume Pulao, also known as pilav, a rice dish in Central Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East. They cook it by soaking the rice in stock or broth. We can cook it according to our preference and we can choose whether to add vegetables or any meat. For those who haven’t cooked it yet, now is the time. Make some appetizing pulao with Nirmal’s Ponni rice.

Scrumptious Ghee Rice

The fresh aroma of pure ghee cooked with rice, raisins, and nuts is familiar to everyone. It’s a must-have when there are any festivities happening. Some hot ghee rice, along with spicy beef curry/chicken curry and lemon pickle would make anyone’s day! It’s time for you to make some scrumptious Ghee rice with Nirmal’s Ponni rice.

Delicious Tomato Rice

One of the easiest, simplest, and healthiest dishes of all time! Tomato rice is a long-time favorite dish of South Indian’s. Made with vegetables, eggs, spices, and herbs, it can be made in a pressure cooker or pot. It is a one-pot dish that can be made within 20 minutes. Some salad on the sides would make it just perfect! Treat yourselves to some delicious tomato rice with Nirmal’s Ponni Rice.

Aren’t you now confused about what to make first?! Get Ponni rice for a table full of feast! and cook your favorite dish in your own way. What is a better feeling than cooking your own food and tasting it yourself? Get yourselves a plate of yumminess with Nirmal Products.

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