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Every grain tells a story

Every grain tells a story

Every grain has a story to tell. Our story starts from the field, from seed selecting to sowing, watering, and finally harvesting. There are more than 40, 000 varieties of this beautiful & bountiful grain-growing all over the world. Our products are consciously created, carefully delivered to you by the best hands.

Keerthi Agro Mills Pvt Ltd. is a pioneer in rice manufacturing and distribution for the past 21 years. We manufacture, market, and distribute a variety of rice products including Ponni, Jaya, ASD 16, Single Boiled, Surekha, White Kuruva, Yellow Kuruva, Long Grain Matta, and Short Grain Matta. With our unmatched quality and wide range of rice varieties, we have become a significant competitor in rice supplies and rice products distribution in Kerala and also in the global market. With a vision of serving our people the best kind of food, we are committed to providing our consumers with consistently the highest quality of products and services.

The company ownned four mills keeps our daily production rate well above 400 tons. Our annual turnover in Kerala surpasses 500 crores. Keerthi Nirmal and Chandrika are renowned rice brands produced by Keerthi Agro Mills. We offer a range of 15 varieties of rice. Our distribution network spans more than 22,000 retail and wholesale shops throughout Kerala in metropolitan areas. We have more than 120 vehicles operating to maintain a seamless supply network. Our promise of competitive pricing is delivered through this efficient distribution system, thereby reducing commission expense.

We ensure these in our Grains


Our rice is procured from selected farms across South India, and a sophisticated manufacturing process ensures good grain quality.


The company follows strict quality checks and assurances to ensure that every grain of rice is impeccable and filled with goodness.


To cater to different types of consumers and for varied purposes, we have a wide range of rice products on offer.


The staple food of Kerala, rice, is energy-rich, has a high nutritional value, and is enriched with essential vitamins.

Producing good quality rice depends on a lot of intrinsic and extrinsic factors. At Keerthi Nirmal, we use specific criteria to restrict the quality and grades of rice. The factors that count into making good rice are the variety, the environment it grows in, the seed quality, the size and uniformity of grain, stickiness, flavor, aroma etc.

To produce the best quality rice and allied products, we are equipped with the most modern and technologically advanced machines. The machines ensure that the production line is continually moving smoothly. The paddy is processed with very little or no bruising to the kernel, and the products remain fresh and healthy in the course of their refinement. Quality checks, sample testing at each point and diligent operators ensure that the best quality products emerge at the end of the line.

Keerthi Nirmal has always given paramount importance to the quality of our products. This approach has ensured sustained demand for our products. Being a producer of rice, which forms the staple diet of a good majority of people in South India, our efforts are towards ensuring the quality and hygienic packaging of our products. We also optimize our varieties to suit the demand and introduce rice varieties like long rice, basmati rice etc., to satisfy the different taste palettes. We strive to improve and nurture the quality of life of our customers through our products.

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