What is the best way to cook Jaya rice?

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What is the best way to cook Jaya rice?

What is the best way to cook Jaya rice?

So, you’ve got a craving for Jaya rice. However, you are unaware of the best way to cook Jaya rice. You know it’s delicious, and you’re ready to make your own batch.

But… How do you cook it?

Jaya rice is one of the most popular rice varieties in India, especially in the southern part. It is also known as Maha Gandhara and Maha Samba rice.

The main problem with cooking this particular variety comes to us from its name itself! You see, Jaya means victory (or success) in the Sanskrit language which means that we should expect this variety to be great at winning over all your cooking troubles! But that’s not always true! 

There are some difficulties you may face when cooking this type of rice:

 1. Cooking time

The boiling time of Jaya rice is slightly longer than regular rice. This can be because of the extra nutrients that Jaya rice has. 

2. Water absorption capacity

Jaya rice absorbs more water than normal rice and therefore requires more water while cooking. 

3. Gets Overcooked or undercooked

Disappointed?? Please don’t…we’re here to help you cook perfect Jaya rice every time.

Making Jaya rice is an art, which can be mastered only with practice. There are many different methods of making Jaya rice, but the best way is to soak the rice in water for about an hour and then cook it in a pressure cooker.

Soaking Jaya Rice: 

To soak Jaya rice, add 1 cup of water to 1 cup of rice in a large bowl or pan. Let it soak overnight or at least 12 hours. You can also use warm water to soak the Jaya rice if you are in a hurry.

Cooking Jaya Rice: 

Once the Jaya rice has been soaked properly, drain the water from the pan using a colander or strainer. Now add drained Jaya rice along with 2 cups of fresh water into a pressure cooker. Close the lid and put on a high flame for 3-5 whistles until steam starts coming out from under its lid. Switch off the flame and wait for about 15 minutes before opening the lid so that pressure inside can release gradually without causing any damage to your cooker.

If you are preparing Jaya rice for the first time, then it may take some time to get the perfect result. However, with practice, you can make this dish just like a chef.

The good news is that Jaya rice doesn’t burn easily because it has been pre-cooked before packaging and shipping. You just need to follow the package instructions and make sure that your water is boiling when starting the cooking process. It’s best to use a heavy-bottomed pot.

And that’s it, you can then open the lid and enjoy!

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