Health Benefits of Palakkadan Matta Rice

Health Benefits of Palakkadan Matta Rice

Matta rice is loved equally by all Malayalees. Be it Kerala Matta rice or Palakkadan Matta rice, Malayalees choose matta over any other rice varieties. Just imagine having some Hot matta rice with some hot Lemon pickle, and Moru curry along with Fish fry and pappadam! Yes, that’s what a dreamy lunch is made of! But other than its mouthwatering taste, have you guys ever thought about what might be the major health benefits of Palakkadan matta rice

Knowing the health benefits of the rice we choose is just as important as which rice variety we choose to eat. Let us look into some of the main health benefits of Palakkadan Matta Rice:

Rich in nutrients

Matta rice has a red pericarp, a healthy outer coat, that is full of nutrients. Apart from many rice varieties whose outer shell goes through the process of filtration, matta retains its shell. This is not only rich in nutrients but also has big storage of minerals, vitamins, and fiber. The presence of such minerals and vitamins helps to keep the body in good health condition.

Good for the heart

Matta rice has a very low content of fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. The low content of these will reduce the risk of clogging blood vessels. This also helps in the lowest cholesterol level and low cancer risk. 

Healthy digestive system

Having a healthy digestive routine is important for the body. It keeps us fresh. Having fast food cause us an unhealthy lifestyle. Instead, we need to have a proper metabolism for healthy digestion. Matta rice has an ample amount of fiber content, which helps in metabolism.

Low blood pressure

Even though rice is high in fiber it has a very low glycemic index. The presence of a glycemic index helps in reducing blood pressure. Strict dieting causes high BP. Having matta rice in small amounts helps you keep your tummy full.

Rich in Magnesium

Matta rice contains an ample amount of magnesium, a factor good for the body. Magnesium is important for a healthy neuro system. Thereby having matta rice for lunch and dinner, gives us a healthy body.

Now it is safe and perfect to say that Nirmal Palakkadan Matta rice is not only delicious but also has some important health benefits that help, our overall well-being. Choose Nirmal, choose a healthy lifestyle.

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